The barn automation uses the intelligence of the pigs - for this purpose, state-of-the-art technology such as, RFID-UHF, cameras/image algorithm, tablets and specially developed lift gates.

All components of the barn automation are networked and communicate with each other. This is controlled by software that we had developed especially for the meadow pigs. The software optimises that the pigs have as much time as possible in the open air.

To do this, the software collects information, makes decisions and gives commands; it calculates free-range times and optimises them. The programme also reacts independently to delays or unplanned interruptions.

In the pigsty, the pigs are grouped by age. Each group has two free-range levels at its disposal. Free-range level 1 is a playground, free-range level 2 is a meadow and forest area. Depending on the number of groups, there are several segments, i.e. playgrounds and pastures, which are operated in parallel. This guarantees the pigs sufficient free range, even on large farms.

For free-range according to free-range level 1, the gate between the balcony, i.e. the permanent run, and the playground is automatically opened for a group of pigs. The pigs jump outside and play, roam and run.

Free run level 2: If the weather permits, the second gate between the playground and the meadow and forest opens. The animals now have the entire area at their free disposal. Scanners attached to the gates constantly measure which animal is where.

As soon as the free-range period is over, a certain sequence of sounds is heard. This lets the pigs know: Now it’s time to go back to the barn and get some food. Each group is conditioned to a different tone sequence.

As soon as the control system receives the information that all the animals are back in the barn, the gates of this group close automatically and those of the next group open.

This is all possible thanks to image algorithms and scanners – and intelligent animals.

The lift gate to freewheel stage 1 opens automatically.

The group that has been conditioned to the tone sequence goes back to the stall independently.

The group that has been conditioned to a tone sequence leaves Free-Run Level 2 and goes back to the pen on its own.

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