It is a real pleasure to work with the Wiesenschwein pigs. The animals are healthy, happy, and full of life. It is fun to do good for them. It is true that the Wiesenschwein system requires a little extra work compared to other pig farming systems. But this effort is fairly paid. This fairness in pricing is a key element of the Wiesenschwein system: prices generate a fair income. Every year prices and quantities are firmly agreed with the buyers – and are therefore plannable. Thus, the payback period for the investment in the Wiesenschwein system is foreseeable. And this in turn reduces the investment risk. You and Wiesenschwein – that might be a very good idea. Talk to us.


Of course, farmers ask how much additional work is required in the Wiesenschwein system. The rummaging areas regularly require new bedding, the wallow must be cleaned, etc. Cleaning, maintenance, repair work – as in any barn system.
It is important that the price includes the additional effort. We don’t want that attendance is required to monitor the freewheels. Therefore, automation and detection control and monitor the freewheels independently. If the feeds are right, the return processes and automation are also right.
Only emergencies remain: sickly pig maybe that prefers to stay outside rather than go into the barn to eat; or one that – out of sympathetic perkiness – doesn’t want to follow the rules. In this case, the farmer receives an error message on the smartphone. And additional work is required until the system can be restarted.
The reason for an alarm can be checked directly on the smartphone. A false alarm is quickly detected – and the control system can also be restarted via smartphone without having to be on site.


Stock exchange determines the prices for many agricultural products. The farmer has little influence on these prices. Also, the individual production costs of each farmer are not considered. In addition, prices can fluctuate strongly throughout the year. Agricultural production is difficult to plan.

With Wiesenschwein it is different. Fair pricing and fair trading-conditions are important to us, they are essential for the Wiesenschwein system. In cooperation with IP-Suisse and the purchasing partners, we plan the production quantities on a fixed basis. Farmers can only switch to the Wiesenschwein system if these sales are secured.

Wiesenschwein AG and IP-Suisse take over negotiations on services and prices with the purchasing partners. For us, “fair” means that each farmer can calculate in advance whether Wiesenschwein production will be profitable; and it means that they can rely on a fair income, because the agreed basis is fixed. At Wiesenschwein AG we will do everything to establish the IP Wiesenschwein label on a sustainable basis. That is our promise for the future.


At Wiesenschwein AG we strive to develop a system that is as sustainable as possible and uses resources efficiently. The system should meet the demands of future generations. We have already achieved and implemented many things, others are planned.

Yes, we are resource-efficient: We allow the pigs maximum freedom of movement with minimal use of soil, a scarce resource. The solid surfaces are covered with a rooting substrate that binds nutrients and thus significantly reduces emissions. The water from the wallow is purified and reused in a circuit.

And we have developed our own system to compost and reuse the rooting substrate. In the end, it can be used as a high-quality compost fertilizer in the field.

We also have future plans: the further development of automation, automatic weighing of slaughter animals with direct connection to the purchase partners. Perhaps the further development of our slaughter truck, which would make live animal transport unnecessary. Also, the processing and use of food leftovers from food production to feed the Wiesenschwein pigs. Future generations’ demands on animal protein consumption will challenge the entire value chain.

We are facing these tasks – in cooperation with innovative farmers

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Good for the animal, good for the producer, good for the consumer – Wiesenschwein pork means…


Good for the animal, good for the producer, good for the consumer – because meat from Wiesenschwein…