Wiesenschwein meat – a product that is really good for everyone. Good for the pigs, because they finally get the exciting and rich life they deserve. Yes, they can fully live out their needs before serving humans as animal food. Good for the farmers, as they receive a fair price for the meat and the system makes their work easier.
And last but not least: good for the consumers. Because the meat from Wiesenschwein pigs is particularly tasty and tender. We owe this super good quality to the special feeding of the pigs: there are herbs and linseed, daily. And we owe it to the free running, which brings plenty of exercise. The ripening process is also sophisticated.
By buying meat from Wiesenschwein pigs, consumers are making an important contribution to the spread of pig farming in Switzerland that meets the pigs’ needs – and at a squeaky-clean fair extra price.


Wiesenschwein pigs move significantly more than all other pigs. Perhaps even more than their wild counterparts. Free running is limited in time, and so Wiesenschwein pigs use their free running time intensively.

By the way, this can be observed very impressively: They run, play and romp like crazy. And they also have permanent outdoor exercise, as standard with constant access, plus there are the two free-range areas, the covered playground and the meadow. This makes their life really varied.

Whether and how this species-appropriate life affects the meat quality and health, we cannot yet scientifically prove. But common sense provides the answers.

Taking responsibility by giving the animals an exciting life that meets their needs is non-negotiable.


It has been known for a long time: Feeding has a major impact on meat quality, especially for omnivores like pigs. Also well known are the benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as those found in flaxseed. Just as flaxseeds are recommended in the diets of humans, they also have a positive effect in pig production: the proportion of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids in meat increases, and so does the nutritional importance of pork for humans. You can find out more at www.tradilin.ch.

The feed of the Wiesenschwein pigs contains extruded linseed and various herbs. Through this feeding, combined with the intensive movement of the animals – we get fragrant and tender pork with the best taste.

Not to be underestimated is also the additional feed supply: Hay, grass, branches, also corn and deflection cubes make an important contribution to the balanced nutrition of our Wiesenschwein pigs.


When it comes to the craft of the meat specialist, the correct maturation period has a great effect on the quality of the meat, especially on the tenderness regarding animals that have really had a chance to move around a lot. Processors of Wiesenschwein meat are committed to storing and maturing the meat properly. Only then is it sold as a valuable and fair source of protein.


Only a few decades ago, pigs in Western civilization served not only as recyclers of all kinds of leftovers, but also as a valuable source of meat. The meat of field-raised pigs was the most expensive and sought-after meat.

Due to the industrialized keeping of pigs, pork became a cheap product. This also affected the taste and the actually excellent quality. This happened to the chagrin of the animals, the farmers and the consumers. Together we want to change this. Try a piece of Wiesenschwein meat. Taste is more than a matter of taste.

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Good for the animal, good for the producer, good for the consumer – Wiesenschwein pork means…


Good for the animal, good for the producer, good for the consumer – because Wiesenschwein pork…